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Page 20

Lottie and Bella, Robert Clyne, All our girls, paddling at Nigg

Page 21

At Lewis, Old Montrose, Gardeners prizes, Old Montrose

Page 22

Cromarty pictures

Page 23

Some more Cromarty pictures

Page 24

Lizzie, Mona and cousin Lottie (daughter of John Clyne). Robert Whyte with Mona and Lizzie. Old Montrose

Page 25

Flag Day at Oban, Cromarty, Montrose

Page 26

Group in Trinity, Lottie Clyne, Mona, Mary and Lizzie

Page 27

Lizzie, donkeys at Montrose

Page 28

Andrew Whyte, Butt of Lewis, Cromarty

Page 29

Fancy Dress at Cromarty, group at Cromarty, Cathie at Alness