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Lottie Whyte, Whyte and Clyne families at Butt of Lewis, Cathie Munro and Mona Duncan (nee Clyne)

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Scurdyness Lighthouse, South Links Putting Green, Montrose from Ferryden, Whyte family in Oban, Lottie and Bess

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Whyte family on Montrose Beach, Montrose boat, Lizzie and Mona, family at Montrose

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Bella Henderson and Lizzie, Whyte girls, Mona and Cathie and Whyte family in Brechin

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Cromarty group, Davie and chums, Arbroath 1911 and family at Cromarty

Page 6

Whyte and Clyne families picnicing at Nigg, Mona and Cathie

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Cathie Munro, Inchbridge Montrose, Putting at Montrose, Isabella and Robert Clyne at Rossie Island Montrose.

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Whyte family, Hesperus in Oban, Wading

Page 9

Davie, Clyne family, Andrew Whyte and Robert Clyne, Floating Back.